Session Fees & Collections


My session fee is $200.  In order to secure your session on my schedule, a 50% non-refundable session fee retainer is due!  This retainer fee secures you on my schedule and applies to my time in preparation for your perfect session!   After your session, a gallery premiere will be held in your home and I offer a variety of print collections ranging from $100 – $1250 to showcase your memories in your home.  You will receive a welcome guide with my various artisan collection available, plus images of them on display!

When booking with Gabby Sherer Photography, you are getting an EXPERIENCE with your family. From the pre-session discussions to image delivery, my goal remains the same- providing you and your family with an opportunity to capture timeless memories and intimate moments typically only seen at home. My style focuses on the emotional bond between a family and capturing the connection between parent & child. While you may experience some traditional posing, the focus of your family session will be on the raw, candid details- such as a son nestling into his mother, or a daughter reaching for her father’s hand

After you book your session, we meet for coffee and discuss every aspect of your of your session, including what makes your children smile, the way you and your husband met, and what you want from your family session. We discuss your family’s style, what you can expect at your session, and my favorite tips and tricks to help your kids (& husband) relax.  If meeting up doesn’t work for you I would love to have a chat on the phone or I also have small questionnaires for you to fill in for me. Anything that gets me to know you and your family better so that your session is custom to you

When you book with Gabby Sherer Photography, we work together closely to perfectly display your family’s style. Don’t be surprised if you receive a text or link from me on a piece I think your son or daughter would look PERFECT in. You can also check out some of my favorite looks for family sessions on my pinterest board.

Approximately 2-3 weeks after your session, I will come to your home and share your session images while we work together to you find the best way to preserve and present your memories, whether it be in a coffee table album, artisan photo block collections, or a canvas wall gallery. Your memories are worth investing in, and I work to help you find the most practical way to do that.

“I’m always in awe how put together and professional she is. She can make a place that I would never consider capturing photos at a magical and mystical transformation, where for a brief time I can see her vision. It is so fun to just watch her get going and taking picture after great picture. I get so excited with anticipation because she talks about how great each picture is that she is taking, that it makes actually getting to view the highly anticipated photos that much better. I also love that when I am having trouble with a theme for the shoot she is always there to coach me to be better prepared so I know we’ll have the best shoot possible. She is great at giving suggestions for what to wear, or what type of setting and time of day match up for the best results.”

“She is really good at calming any fears about how the shoot will turn out. She is a very action-themed, or in the moment type of photographer, so nothing is really pose-y.”

“I would pay for my pictures again and never bat an eye. You pay for the knowledge, time and editing. Anyone can take pictures. I also LOVE that there are packages now.”

“My initial fear with any photographer is that he/she won’t understand me, my family, or my vision for our pictures. However, that all went away when we started emailing/texting back and forth. I could tell just from our conversations that you would be down-to-earth and easy to work with. Our photography session with you was a breeze – natural, calm, fun, and stress free. The pictures were everything I dreamed of and more which is probably why it was so hard to narrow down which we wanted. We can’t thank you enough for being not only a phenomenal photographer but a wonderful person.”

© 2016 Gabby Sherer Photography | Dayton, Ohio Family Photographer | Design Goodness by : Laynie and Belle

© 2016 Gabby Sherer Photography | Dayton, Ohio Family Photographer | Design Goodness by : Laynie and Belle