I was looking forward to this session from the moment this family booked their session! I knew they had three adorable girls and had seen in their previous sessions how perfectly dressed they were! & let me tell you… this family did not disappoint.
We told jokes, played, had tickle sessions, and picked flowers. BUT we did not tell secrets, because big sister told me that we do not keep secrets- and needless to say she had me speechless for a few seconds there!
But I must say, my favorite parts of the night were when Dad danced with each of his daughters and asked to get a photo of him kissing Mom on the forehead, as that is what he did on their first date (SERIOUSLY ADORABLE, RIGHT?!).
& not to embarrass Dad… but one of these photos made him tear up at their reveal session… I’ll let you guess which one it was!
So Gill Family, I am already looking forward to our session next year with your BEAUTIFUL daughters!
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