Every once in a while, you will meet a person who changes your life completely. This woman ( & of course her adorable family) have done that for me!

Rewind a few years, a brand spankin’ new “photographer” and I wanted to meet this fun, spunky, energetic photographer that you see with her family here. Turns out, once we got together- we quickly became great friends. Fast forward to now, and I had the great pleasure of photographing her and her boys. There is no greater honor than being asked to photograph another photographer’s family.

As I am sure you can see, we had TONS of FUN at this session, with two boys we made sure to get all the cuddly snuggly photos out of the way first so they could play football and run around chasing each other! Carlson_01Carlson_02Carlson_03Carlson_04Carlson_05Carlson_06Carlson_07Carlson_07BWCarlson_08Carlson_11Carlson_12Carlson_13Carlson_14Carlson_17Carlson_41Carlson_45Carlson_47BWCarlson_6112471576_10203784336528249_8920493202979690328_o


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