the love and connection that comes through a photograph is a direct result of how you feel about yourself and those around you.


As a Dayton, OH family photographer, I am a firm believer that your images from your session are a direct reflection of where you are in that exact moment. If you are stressed, exhausted, and generally unhappy to be there it is bound to show in your family photographs at some point. However, if you are feeling confident, blessed, loved, and genuinely happy to be capturing these fleeting family moments that will also show in your photographs. Friends, I think that is what happened at this session, but you never would’ve known it a few weeks prior.

Meet the Bowman Family

Totally in love mom + dad, Emily and Daniel, and their seriously spunky and gorgeous girls, Kennedy and Lillian. As fellow die-hard Ohio State Football fans, it is safe to say we get along great and they have a special place in my heart. Weeks prior to their session, Emily and I were texting about session planning, and I could tell she was panicking about what everyone would wear to this session. She had been planning this session for months and wanted it to be perfect. After a few texts back and forth sharing some ideas, I think it is safe to say this session turned out perfectly.

As a full-service Dayton, OH Family Photographer, I think it is not only important, but necessary, to help my clients find clothes that will make them feel both confident and gorgeous, and this momma was no exception. The minute I saw this dress appear on Vici Collection I knew Emily had to wear it, there wasn’t really a back up option. In fact, we picked the dresses for Kennedy and Lillian to match mom’s dress before she even tried it on (what can I say… we are risk takers?)! Lastly, we needed something for Dad to wear. There is a secret to dressing Dads for family sessions, and I am going to share it…KEEP. IT. SIMPLE. That’s the secret. Keep it simple and Dad will be comfortable and more than happy through the entire session. Within a few hours that evening, through text messages we finalized their entire family’s wardrobe for their family session.

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Choosing a Dayton, OH Family Photographer : The GSP Difference

When you are looking for a Dayton, OH family photographer you need to remember that your life, as chaotic and busy as it is, will not stop just so you can plan your dream family session. When you book with Gabby Sherer Photography, I help to eliminate the stress that comes with finding outfits for your entire family within your budget. Imagine this scenario with the Bowman Family had Emily not texted me freaking out about their outfits. She wouldn’t have found this flawless dress, that fits her like a glove, the equally adorable dresses for there family and the secret to keeping Dad happy and comfortable through this entire sun-drenched session.

Want your own stress-free family session?

Having a stress-free pre-session experience with complimentary wardrobe planning allowed this family to relax and resulted in such gorgeous, flawless images full on love, confidence, and laughter. If that sounds like something you are looking for with your next Dayton, OH Family Photographer then click here to be the first to know when Spring 2018 sessions open, and what it means to be a GSP VIP!!

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