Bowman Family, Dayton, OH Family Photographer

Bowman Family, Dayton, OH Family Photographer

the love and connection that comes through a photograph is a direct result of how you feel about yourself and those around you.


As a Dayton, OH family photographer, I am a firm believer that your images from your session are a direct reflection of where you are in that exact moment. If you are stressed, exhausted, and generally unhappy to be there it is bound to show in your family photographs at some point. However, if you are feeling confident, blessed, loved, and genuinely happy to be capturing these fleeting family moments that will also show in your photographs. Friends, I think that is what happened at this session, but you never would’ve known it a few weeks prior.

Meet the Bowman Family

Totally in love mom + dad, Emily and Daniel, and their seriously spunky and gorgeous girls, Kennedy and Lillian. As fellow die-hard Ohio State Football fans, it is safe to say we get along great and they have a special place in my heart. Weeks prior to their session, Emily and I were texting about session planning, and I could tell she was panicking about what everyone would wear to this session. She had been planning this session for months and wanted it to be perfect. After a few texts back and forth sharing some ideas, I think it is safe to say this session turned out perfectly.

As a full-service Dayton, OH Family Photographer, I think it is not only important, but necessary, to help my clients find clothes that will make them feel both confident and gorgeous, and this momma was no exception. The minute I saw this dress appear on Vici Collection I knew Emily had to wear it, there wasn’t really a back up option. In fact, we picked the dresses for Kennedy and Lillian to match mom’s dress before she even tried it on (what can I say… we are risk takers?)! Lastly, we needed something for Dad to wear. There is a secret to dressing Dads for family sessions, and I am going to share it…KEEP. IT. SIMPLE. That’s the secret. Keep it simple and Dad will be comfortable and more than happy through the entire session. Within a few hours that evening, through text messages we finalized their entire family’s wardrobe for their family session.

dayton-oh-family-photographer dayton-oh-family-photographer dayton-oh-family-photographer dayton-oh-family-photographer dayton-oh-family-photographer dayton-oh-family-photographer dayton-oh-family-photographer

Choosing a Dayton, OH Family Photographer : The GSP Difference

When you are looking for a Dayton, OH family photographer you need to remember that your life, as chaotic and busy as it is, will not stop just so you can plan your dream family session. When you book with Gabby Sherer Photography, I help to eliminate the stress that comes with finding outfits for your entire family within your budget. Imagine this scenario with the Bowman Family had Emily not texted me freaking out about their outfits. She wouldn’t have found this flawless dress, that fits her like a glove, the equally adorable dresses for there family and the secret to keeping Dad happy and comfortable through this entire sun-drenched session.

Want your own stress-free family session?

Having a stress-free pre-session experience with complimentary wardrobe planning allowed this family to relax and resulted in such gorgeous, flawless images full on love, confidence, and laughter. If that sounds like something you are looking for with your next Dayton, OH Family Photographer then click here to be the first to know when Spring 2018 sessions open, and what it means to be a GSP VIP!!

valentine's day gift ideas

Stuck on Ideas for Mother’s Day?! I’ve got you covered!

Stuck on Ideas for Mother’s Day?! I’ve got you covered!

It is almost a month away… and you want to know what the best ideas for Mother’s Day…am I right?! I mean, this is the one day a year that a momma gets to ask for anything in the entire world… but sometimes you have no idea what to ask for. Well consider me your Mother’s Day gift idea fairy today… because I am sharing my favorite gifts that should be at the top of your list. So I think it is my time to share my favorite ideas for Mother’s Day gifts that you (momma) can either ask for or you (hubby) can start buying!

let’s start shopping for Mother’s Day gifts… shall we?!?


Ideas for Mother’s Day- Jessica N Designs

These hand stamped, personalized stacking rings are quite possibly the best gift I have ever received from my husband. Each ring has one of my children’s names hand-stamped on it, as well as a ring for our anniversary. My second set features a mix of gold and silver with two personalized rings, one with my husband and I’s name on it, the other a “S” for our last name. Not only are these rings extremely personal to me, but they are delicate and not over the top and scream “LOOK AT ME I AM PERSONALIZED”…because that could be obnoxious.


Ideas for Mother’s Day- The Oily Lady

This artisan skin care company has been a god send to my skin after having three kids. Ash, THE oily lady, has created a TON of products, but my personal fave is the liquid gold you see right up there. Not only does she excel at the current products, but releases new products ALL. THE. TIME. That seem to blow me away even more! Not to mention, all the skin care products are safe, natural, and infused with essential oils- so no yucky junk on your face or skin. So go… right now…and get some of her highly sought after Night Serum you will thank me after the first time you use it.


Ideas for Mother’s Day- Queen B Home

After finding this company, randomly, on IG… I can easily say that I am now obsessed. Emily, along with help from her hubby, creates AMAZING, witty, and heartfelt signs for every room of your home. Go ahead and make yourself a wish list now… because if you are like me, you will have a LONG list of signs you NEED for your home. After much debate, we decided on this sign for our living room, but I can tell you… we have about 10 more signs we plan to add to our home. & while you are there…pick up one of her inspiring shirts from the Be Collection- my son and I currently rock the “Be Brave” shirt to remind us to always be brave- even in the face of cancer.


Ideas for Mother’s Day- Oddly & Company

Ok…another amazing IG find. This woman… is seriously SO stinkin talented I don’t even know how to put it into words. She creates tiny homes, life like replicas of a home- whether it be your childhood home, the home you brought your kids home to, or your current home. We had our first home made into an ornament to hang on our tree every year, and our kids absolutely LOVE hanging “the old house” up. It is such a creative way to remember where you’ve been, and remind you of how much you (and your family) has grown.


Ideas for Mother’s Day- Beth Hornecker Designs

This woman is by far the sweetest woman I think I have ever (virtually) met! When Camden was diagnosed, we adopted a saying/motto for our family… “whatever it takes, as long as it takes” and when we moved into our new home, I knew we had to have that motto displayed somewhere in our home as a constant reminder. After seeing Beth’s work for Sarah Hill, I fell in love with her hand-drawn canvases and immediately tracked her down to buy one. Now it is on display in our home, so we can see it every day as we leave for the day. So if you have an amazing quote that you need displayed, hit up Beth! You won’t regret it!


Ideas for Mother’s Day- Erin Condren Planner

For any momma who enjoys her sanity, this is a MUST! Now, I love Target planners as much (if not more) than the rest of you… BUT… BUT… this EC planner is seriously my lifeline. I couldn’t survive this crazy hectic life without it. Mine is set up to allow me to quickly see events at home for the kids, business events, and meal plan. With the extra note pages, it is easy for me to keep track of everything we have going on in our crazy lives. Here is a coupon code from me for your own EC Planner. Bonus points for getting a personalized cover with your favorite image of your kids.


The FINAL Mother’s Day Gift Idea- A Motherhood Session

Now, if you already have some of those items above, or want something more personalized then this is for you! I will be opening up additional Motherhood sessions, for the momma who has everything, because you can always use an updated photo of you with your littles. These sessions are 30 minutes long, which is more than enough time to capture all the cuddles, snuggles, and laughs that make motherhood so beautiful. Within three weeks of your session, you will receive the hi-resolution digital images to display those memories in your home. These sessions are extremely limited so be sure to sign up for your time slot here as quickly as possible.

so which mother’s day gift are you requesting this year?!  

So now that I (likely) have you addicted to all these unique mother’s day gift ideas, comment below on what YOU would love to get for Mother’s Day!!!  Also- if you want to forward this onto your loved ones as a (not so) subtle hint, click one of the sharing links below to send it off!

new year resolutions

Need awesome Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas?! I’ve got you covered!

valentine's day gift ideas
Three seconds after walking into Target I was BOMBARDED by tons of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Now I know we are all still in denial that retail stores should even be marketing Valentine’s Day yet… but here we are! Because if there is one thing I have learned, it’s that if you wait until February all the cute stuff will be gone and we are left with nothing but the start of Spring decorations!


Ok, full disclosure I am a gift person. It is my love language and I force gifts onto everyone around me. So without further ado,  Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the whole family below:

  • Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Yourself

    • Book yourself a spa day! You deserve it! Call it the post holidays relaxation/valentine’s day gift! You will home feeling relaxed and refreshed and better able to handle the chaos that is inevitable with a full house.
    • If getting away for a full spa day isn’t realistic, buy yourself some bath bombs and relax at home. Take the time to paint your nails, do your hair, whatever helps you relax!
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Spouse

    • Call the babysitter and schedule a date night! It doesn’t matter if it is a movie or dinner or both! Heck, I don’t care if you drive around- just spend time TOGETHER without the kids! So often when people become parents, they forget to be husband and wife! SO ENJOY IT!
    • Can’t get a babysitter or not really one to go out?! Don’t worry I have an option for you too! Check out Datebox! You can sign up for just one month, or commit to dating your spouse again and sign up for six months. Each month you receive all the items necessary to have a date night- and a lot of them can be done without leaving the house! PRETTY AWESOME RIGHT?
    • You can also check out this pinterest board to look for some DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas I think you may enjoy!
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For the Kids

    • Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about gifts for the kids. It is SO easy to just make memories with them and ENJOY the time together! Simple things like making Valentine’s Day treats are SO fun for kids! You can also just enjoy a movie night with Valentines Popcorn OR get REAL into the Valentine Day spirit with some of these activities!!


If you are like me, you can go onto Pinterest and be stuck for HOURS trying to find the perfect DIY Valentines. You can also go searching for hours and forget to actually SAVE anything you looked at… because #mombrain is real. SO I saved some of our family favorites for you here to help you find exactly what you need to knock those valentines out of the park!

valentine's day gift ideas

Five Resolutions ANYONE (even you) can Keep!

Five Resolutions ANYONE (even you) can Keep!

new year resolutionsIt is almost mid- January and I hope I am not the only one who has already dropped the ball on some of my new year resolutions! Every year on January 1st, we all make our resolutions and goals for the new year- we are inspired, determined, and ready to hustle… then before you know it- we are already beating ourselves up for failing at some of them before the month of January is even over!

So since I have already fallen off the rails for one of my new year resolutions, I think it’s time I share my 5 Fail-Proof New Year Resolutions with YOU!

Let’s get started with our updated new year resolutions…shall we?!?!

Party More!

That’s right… I said it! PARTY MORE! Have more impromptu dance parties in the kitchen! Crank up your playlist and shake it off! The more family at your party- the better!!! BUT there is nothing wrong with a solo routine either! Stuck in traffic and stressed out?! Then turn up the radio and jam out in the car! Any location can turn into a dance party with the right tunes and attitude- so have at it! You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel afterwards… and that totally counts as exercise, right?!

Eat the cake.

Yup, surprised you again didn’t I!? I know the majority of us want to lose those last five pounds, and want to get back into our “pre-mom” jeans. BUT sometimes you just need to… eat. the. cake. Birthday cake, wedding cakes, anniversary cake, don’t discriminate- just eat the cake. We get so worked up on always eating clean, and never indulging in a sweet treat- but a small treat in moderation is actually going to help keep you satisfied and actively pursuing your health and fitness goals… and let’s be honest- cake is good!

Pay it forward.

Pay for someone’s coffee behind you, leave a random gift card on someone’s windshield. It doesn’t matter what it is- just do SOMETHING to pay it forward to someone else. Not only will you make someone else’s day, but you will feel significantly better knowing that you brought a smile to a stranger’s face. & let’s be honest… who doesn’t want to feel better?!?

Be Present.

It is so easy to get sucked into the daily routine of life- trust me I get it! Instead of planning every task on every day of the week, just take a moment to breathe and enjoy where you are and what you are doing right now. Whether it be reading with your kids, or watching them play and make a mess you will have to clean later- just enjoy the moment because it only comes once in a lifetime.

Print Your Photos.

You had to know there would be something related to photography in here right?! But this is an easy one- we take an obnoxious amount of photos on our phones every year, and then what do you do with them!? Now of course, I wouldn’t expect you to hang your cell phone snap shots as a canvas in your living room- BUT did you know there are albums that are made specifically for your phone images and Instagram images?!?! There are two fantastic companies that I absolutely love and the best part?!- they are reasonably priced so you can print one for every vacation or every child and even grab some copies to share your adventures and memories with the grandparents! and no… it is not too soon to start planning and thinking about the holiday gift ideas!

So which fail proof New Year Resolutions are you going to follow this year?!

Mine is handsdown to eat the cake! What are YOUR resolutions this year?! If getting annual family photos is one of your goals, be sure to sign up to be a VIP to get first access to session dates, and even more tips and tricks from yours truly!

new year resolutions

Gettman Family

I met this momma when I was pregnant with my first and TERRIFIED of what being a mom was all about. But she reassured me daily that I would make a great mother.. & now to see her as a mom herself is so amazing!
Her love for her son is truly limitless and I have never seen such a bond! She helped him stand and try to walk and cuddled him close as sunset was approaching. So Shena- hold that little man a little bit closer tonight because tomorrow he is going to be a little bit older, a little more independent, and one day closer to adulthood.

Gill Family

I was looking forward to this session from the moment this family booked their session! I knew they had three adorable girls and had seen in their previous sessions how perfectly dressed they were! & let me tell you… this family did not disappoint.
We told jokes, played, had tickle sessions, and picked flowers. BUT we did not tell secrets, because big sister told me that we do not keep secrets- and needless to say she had me speechless for a few seconds there!
But I must say, my favorite parts of the night were when Dad danced with each of his daughters and asked to get a photo of him kissing Mom on the forehead, as that is what he did on their first date (SERIOUSLY ADORABLE, RIGHT?!).
& not to embarrass Dad… but one of these photos made him tear up at their reveal session… I’ll let you guess which one it was!
So Gill Family, I am already looking forward to our session next year with your BEAUTIFUL daughters!
 gill_05 gill_03 gill_06 gill_08 gill_10 gill_12 gill_14 gill_21 gill_25 gill_28 gill_33 gill_34 gill_39 gill_40 gill_41 gill_42 gill_44 gill_50
C. Family

C. Family

Every once in a while, you will meet a person who changes your life completely. This woman ( & of course her adorable family) have done that for me!

Rewind a few years, a brand spankin’ new “photographer” and I wanted to meet this fun, spunky, energetic photographer that you see with her family here. Turns out, once we got together- we quickly became great friends. Fast forward to now, and I had the great pleasure of photographing her and her boys. There is no greater honor than being asked to photograph another photographer’s family.

As I am sure you can see, we had TONS of FUN at this session, with two boys we made sure to get all the cuddly snuggly photos out of the way first so they could play football and run around chasing each other! Carlson_01Carlson_02Carlson_03Carlson_04Carlson_05Carlson_06Carlson_07Carlson_07BWCarlson_08Carlson_11Carlson_12Carlson_13Carlson_14Carlson_17Carlson_41Carlson_45Carlson_47BWCarlson_6112471576_10203784336528249_8920493202979690328_o


Holiday Mini Sessions


Friends, I have a feeling these sessions are going to be my FAVORITE mini session events ever! These sessions are PERFECT for families with small children or families who just want an updated photo for their holiday cards.  Imagine how much more time you would have with your family if you let me design and order your holiday cards for you! You pick the images & card style & THAT’S IT!!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!?!

  • Saturday, November 14 at a local tree farm
  • 20 Minute Session
  • Includes 3 digital images for sharing, & 25 customized holiday cards ready to address & send
  • Variety of set ups to give you plenty of options for your holiday cards (& a few special setups you don’t see below… I have to keep SOME surprises!)
  • $175, only a $75 non-refundable retainer to secure your session!

Because these sessions are a special event, there is limited availability. I currently only have FIVE sessions left & I anticipate those are going to go REAL fast! So if you are ready to book click the link HERE to get an email delivered immediately to discuss how to secure your session.

B. Family

B. Family

“Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children.” – Charles R. Swindoll

THIS family… I cannot even find the words to describe this session! We ended up shooting at some private land, which happened to belong to Daniel’s parents. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Gorgeous doesn’t even *begin* to describe this land.

All I can say is this family was A BLAST! Their little girls could not be more adorable yet oh so different! Ms. Kennedy LOVES and ADORES being front & center, while Ms. Lily needed a little bit more convincing. But after a few games of peek-a-boo, some cuddles with Mommy & Daddy, & a flower- she was much happier about me being there.

I had the incredible honor of capturing REAL moments for this family- all their silly laughs, smiles, and fascination in flowers. After all, life is about real, genuine, and emotional moments that all too quickly become a memory.



Because of Zoe

So this is a slightly different post than my normal- but OH SO IMPORTANT! I have had the amazing opportunity to work with a small business called Because of Zoe! My oldest daughter is a brand rep for this momma and her amazing handmade accessories! When shopping for your family photos- be sure to check out BOZ- she not only has adorable accessories for little girls in a variety of sizes- but even bowties for little boys!

Seriously guys- go check her out!

Because of Zoe


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