valentine's day gift ideas
Three seconds after walking into Target I was BOMBARDED by tons of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas – Now I know we are all still in denial that retail stores should even be marketing Valentine’s Day yet… but here we are! Because if there is one thing I have learned, it’s that if you wait until February all the cute stuff will be gone and we are left with nothing but the start of Spring decorations!


Ok, full disclosure I am a gift person. It is my love language and I force gifts onto everyone around me. So without further ado,  Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the whole family below:

  • Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Yourself

    • Book yourself a spa day! You deserve it! Call it the post holidays relaxation/valentine’s day gift! You will home feeling relaxed and refreshed and better able to handle the chaos that is inevitable with a full house.
    • If getting away for a full spa day isn’t realistic, buy yourself some bath bombs and relax at home. Take the time to paint your nails, do your hair, whatever helps you relax!
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Spouse

    • Call the babysitter and schedule a date night! It doesn’t matter if it is a movie or dinner or both! Heck, I don’t care if you drive around- just spend time TOGETHER without the kids! So often when people become parents, they forget to be husband and wife! SO ENJOY IT!
    • Can’t get a babysitter or not really one to go out?! Don’t worry I have an option for you too! Check out Datebox! You can sign up for just one month, or commit to dating your spouse again and sign up for six months. Each month you receive all the items necessary to have a date night- and a lot of them can be done without leaving the house! PRETTY AWESOME RIGHT?
    • You can also check out this pinterest board to look for some DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas I think you may enjoy!
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For the Kids

    • Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about gifts for the kids. It is SO easy to just make memories with them and ENJOY the time together! Simple things like making Valentine’s Day treats are SO fun for kids! You can also just enjoy a movie night with Valentines Popcorn OR get REAL into the Valentine Day spirit with some of these activities!!


If you are like me, you can go onto Pinterest and be stuck for HOURS trying to find the perfect DIY Valentines. You can also go searching for hours and forget to actually SAVE anything you looked at… because #mombrain is real. SO I saved some of our family favorites for you here to help you find exactly what you need to knock those valentines out of the park!

valentine's day gift ideas

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